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Suncoast Aluminum Engineering, LLC, provides site-specific aluminum structure engineering for pool cages, screen rooms and aluminum additions and sunrooms. 
At Suncoast Aluminum Engineering, LLC, we believe that part of engineering means using our knowledge to find ways to make things better – sometimes this means less expensive, sometimes… easier and faster to build, sometimes… a cleaner look, sometimes all of the above.
Pinned Connector Technology (patent pending)
Quite simply the least expensive, fastest and cleanest way to build a quality pool enclosure.
Advantages of Pinned Connector Technology:
  1. Beam sizes are smaller. Most member sizes are about two sizes smaller than with traditional engineering.
  2. It is easier and faster to build. There are a lot fewer screws to install than with traditional engineering.
  3. It allows a structure to “Ffex” without breaking.
Our Engineering Services
  1. Pool Enclosures
  2. Screen Rooms
  3. Aluminum Additions
  4. Sunrooms
  5. Decks
  6. Pergolas
  7. Carports
  8. Sheds (including Carport and Shed combinations)
  9. Mobile Home Roof Overs
  10. Railing and Fencing Engineering
  11. Engineering Calculations for Wind Load and Exposure as Requested by Building Authorities.

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